Book Drives

How to Organise a Book Drive

It will make a world of difference to the children of PNG!

You can help Buk bilong Pikinini establish libraries for the children of Papua New Guinea by collecting books for us. Buk bilong Pikinini is grateful for the almost 500,000 books we have received so far and we are looking forward to collecting many more with your help. BbP will continue to establish many more libraries for the children across PNG with the help of our donors, so we will always need more high quality books. Many PNG children have never seen a new book, as the few public libraries in the country are very run down and only stock books from the 1950-1970 period. Book shops are rare and out-of-reach to most families but the children DO love and appreciate books so PLEASE keep them coming our way!

Thank you for helping us make PNG children happy readers!


How do I organise a book drive?
All you need to start a book drive is the energy and passion to make a difference.
With the support of your school, church or family you can collect books, box them up and drop the boxes to a depot near you.

Please email Anne-Sophie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we are aware of your collection and can answer any questions you may have and record your donation and details. It is also very important for the shipping company to know what is coming their way so!


Where do I start? 
There are three steps to your book drive - collecting, packing and shipping.



Please collect "gently-used" or new books. (Please consult our wish-list below for inspiration).



The books need to be packed in small boxes. We find a wine box is the perfect size. If the boxes are too large you and our volunteers will be unable to lift them.

Print the label and the Consignment note (Shippers letter of Instruction). You can find all labels and forms to be filled out on our shipping page.



Once your books are ready to ship follow these instructions:
- Contact annesophie@bukbilongpikinini
- Print the shipping label for your city.
- Fill out the form. (The destination details needed are shown on the sample form.)
If you are based in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne the packed boxes and shipping form need to be dropped to the nearest depot.
If you live in the ACT the books can be dropped to the High Commission of Papua New Guinea - 39-41 Forster Crescent in Yarralumla.

Please call our Canberra office to speak with Anne-Sophie if you have any questions.

02 61201801 


Additional information 


We appreciate donations of puzzles, educational games and writing materials.

We accept dictionaries, reference books and atlas.

Please note that we do not have any computers or televisions in the libraries so do not send any DVDs, videos or computer games.

You may like to have a look at our wish list below for ideas and inspiration.

If you have photos of your book drive in action please email them to Anne-Sophie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us and we will put you on this website. 

Please do not forget to send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your details inside one of the boxes so that we can thank you for your help. If you wish to have a photo of your book collection published on this website please attach it to the email.

Thank you!



These are the age groups that we use in our libraries:.


0-3 years old Baby toddler:

Toy/activity books - interactive, touch and feel & bath books, lift-the-flap and board books.


3-6 Pre-Schoolers

All types of picture books, ABC activity/picture books, numbers activity/picture books, bedtime/story-time books (to be read by adults)

Readers level 1-15 are highly sought after!

Coloring books – educational or craft type 


6-12 Early readers

All types of picture books (with longer stories than the above category, very basic readers, educational non fiction (health, science, geography, flora, fauna, cultural, etc.) and basic junior fiction.

Coloring books and stickers

Educational/activity books ( to improve skills in maths, reading, writing, etc.)


12+/Reference/Teachers manuals


For this age group we are mainly looking for reference books such as: Atlas, children's dictionaries (all types), children's encyclopedia, etc. We do not need fiction or non fiction books at this stage.


POSTERS: flags, abc’s, 1,2,3’s, flora/fauna, maps, body parts, nice pictures of something educational, ect

TOYS: We also use educational toys/craft materials in our libraries:


Flash cards

Board games


Fun educational projects – not too complicated ones which require other ingredients.

Baby wooden toys – puzzles, ball-on-a-wire, stacking educational blocks, pull-along toys, etc.


Please note that we collect "gently-used" books only. Ex-library books which have been greatly loved are not suitable for our needs as many arrive in poor condition!