Buk bilong Pikinini was delighted to have a visit by Mrs. Lynda O'Neill, a local business woman but also the wife of PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

The children made presentations and sang to welcome our special visitors and Lucinda (above left), a child who has been attending the 6 Mile library for a couple of years now, read a speech she had written with her teacher Agnes.

Mrs. O'Neill was accompanied by her son Brian and greatly enjoyed the little presentations made by the children in the library. On the picture to the right, Lusen 5 years, one of our success stories, is reading a Christmas story showing off his most excellent reading skills.

Mrs. O'Neill also visited our library at Hohola during disability week and has met up with Elizabeth Omeri, our Literacy Awareness and Cross-Cutting Issues Coordinator, for a full briefing of the Buk bilong Pikinini mission.