Buk bilong Pikinini children and staff were invited to lunch at Hastings Deering this week. We took this opportunity to thank Hastings Deering for their amazing support for BbP. Hastings Deering has co-sponsored our library at UPNG and has also generously provided BbP with ample storage space for our books since 2010. Children from the UPNG library read and did a phonics demonstration to the 100+ staff and also got the opportunity to ride high in the big tractor.

John Ritchie, Hastings Deering Area Manager for PNG and Solomon Islands, said: “Hastings Deering has a long history in the development of Papua New Guineans through our apprenticeship program, with an average of 40 apprentices at any given time. Buk bilong Pikinini presents an opportunity to further align with our community engagement program and the development of Papua New Guineans. BbP is a unique organization that delivers an opportunity for young children to learn to read and write. We are very proud, even privileged, to be associated with this organization. Our reward is to see the smiling faces of the children, to hear them read and see them write.”

Thank you Hastings Deering!