We are very proud to introduce Lucinda Gulluman-Kisip as our new Executive Officer. Lucinda has had an extremely busy start to the job with celebrations such as International Environment Day in the libraries, a visit to our Lae libraries and an official visit from the Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Par Alhberger, to our Koki library.

Lucinda comes with a great background in the development sector and is no stranger to all things Buk bilong Pikinini. Lucinda is looking forward to meeting all the great people who are supporting BbP to maintain and establish libraries across Papua New Guinea.

This is what she said: "I gave up a career in the Science/Mining industry in 2001 to work in the development sector, because I wanted to be able to help PNG people and communities improve services in their communities by taking ownership of development.

My 15 years of working in the Development sector has also ignited an interest in organisational development for NGOs in PNG and particularly in looking at how indigenous NGOs can grow and thrive in PNG.

Working as the Key Partnerships Coordinator under the Australian Government funded Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen, I was part of a team that worked with BbP to develop it's organisational systems and strategic plans,etc...

Watching BbP grow from strength to strength has provided me with great job satisfaction. Hence, when the opportunity to join BbP presented itself, I jumped at it.

My personal love of reading and promoting reading with my children and other family members, also made this job all the more alluring. Growing up in PNG in the late nineties, I had the opportunity of borrowing books from the Public Library. I'm saddened that this service no longer exists for many Papua New Guinean children today.

I believe that no matter what your background or experience has been, reading or providing books to children is building is a great foundation for the future."

Welcome to Buk bilong Pikinini Lucinda!