We would like to start the 2015 PNG Literacy Week (8-12 September) by thanking our book donors - for what would our libraries be without books? A huge thank you to all our wonderful book donors who have taken time to collect, carry and pack books across Australia for PNG children to enjoy! A just as huge thank you to our shipper Seafast and Express Freight Management for getting the books to Papua New Guinea.

Thank you to:

Australian National Territory

Lifeline Canberra (our biggest donor), National Library of Australia, Turner Primary School, CSIRO, Double Helix Science Magazines, Ron's book shop, Nayni Grant Shamala, Kylie Maloney - Australian National University, Attorney General's Department, Catherine Chapman, Author, AJ & Les Explorateurs Scout Group, Glenis Thomas, Southern Cross Early Childhood School - Scullin, Hon. Julie Bishop -Foreign Minister of Australia, The Cartel - Bungendore, Kami Kaur, U3A Melanesia, Micronesia Poynesia Study Group


Steve and Leanne Eggins - Brisbane, Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre, People Connexion Recruitment in Brisbane & PNG


Sue Shuttleworth, Alison Lester - Author-Illustrator & BbP Patron, Oxford University Press, Wild Dog Books, Hardie Egmont Grant, Royal Children's Hospital - Cathy Gatt, Grace, Darcy & Clara - Mansfield Secondary College

New South Wales

Mummies Paying it Forward - http://asylumseekerscentre.org.au/mummies-paying-it-forward/, Micheal Liddy - Culburra, Emily, Eva, Maddie Kunce - St Ives Chase, Griffith Honours College - Samuel Wheeler


Hobart Book Shop - http://www.hobartbookshop.com.au


Kindlers Society - http://www.kindlerssociety.org

If you or your organisation has been collecting books for Buk bilong Pikinini in 2015 and that you are not on this list please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to also get in contact to hear how you can start a book drive.