Buk bilong Pikinini has entered into a formal partnership with Oil Search to deliver Early Childhood Development and Literacy programs in Hela and Gulf Provinces through the establishment of two libraries in Tari and Kikori. This partnership is through BbP's new program called Buk bilong Komuniti which aims at reaching more rural and remote areas of Papua New Guinea where very few children have access to valuable learning opportunities and where illiteracy levels are alarmingly high.

The Oil Search Foundation has expanded their focus from Health to include Leadership, Education and Women's Protection and Empowerment. The Foundation's CEO, Kymberley Kepore (pictured above right) said: "when we considered where to focus our new education program we started by asking communities to tell us their priorities and in every case improving literacy was at the top of the list. This is not surprising because literacy is the cornerstone of every single aspect of well-being and prosperity. It represents Oil Search's focus on helping PNG to develop the next generation of leaders, which must start in early childhood."  

The first library will be established at the Kuluanda Primary School at the Kopari Catholic Mission near Tari in Hela province. The library will be opened in September 2016 and another library will be established in Kikori in 2017. Buk bilong Pikinini will also be making book donations to all surrounding schools through our Buk bilong Komuniti Program.