Buk bilong Pikinini was fortunate to be able to hold four events, produce a TV advertisement about the importance of reading, create educational merchandise for the children and libraries thanks to our Literacy Week sponsor ExxonMobil PNG. Our theme for 2017 is "Reading: It makes a world of difference" and we have celebrated with a multi cultural theme to teach the children about the world around them

We held two events to thank our donors where the children demonstrated their literacy skills and had fun testing our donors knowledge about continents and countries. The children had great fun playing with globes, doing educational activities and singing "It's a small world".

Bbp was also able to hold a 'Meet the Author' event with Iriani Wanma at our Book shop at Theodist where invited children took part in a colouring-in and word search competition based on "Oa the grasshopper and Kaipa the caterpillar".

In order to highlight the importance of libraries and access to books and literacy materials in PNG, BbP held an event with the National Libraries and Archives to announce our upcoming partnership to re-establish public and school libraries across PNG.

Thank you to our Literacy Week partner ExxonMobil PNG for sponsoring our activities again this year.