On the 7th of September 2017, (during Literacy Week) BbP held a community event at our 6 Mile library to announce our intention to partner. 

According to the Director General of the National Library and Archives, Mr. Kaikato Kasi - "there is a need to revive or re-establish 89 district libraries, 1300 school libraries and 23 public libraries. The organization now has a ten year plan called the National Library, Archives and Records Services 10 year strategic Plan 2016 to 2025. The plan focuses on reviving or restoring all library and archival services in all provinces even reaching down to the district and community levels.

In the past (before 1985) the country used to have public libraries throughout the country but when the Law on Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government came into force it transferred all the functions from the national level to provincial Government. By then most of the services collapsed but only six survived. The national archive only has a branch in one province (Lae, Morobe Province)." Mr. Kasi also said that: "Buk bilong Pikinini is doing a tremendous job and will be a strong partner in this plan."

Buk bilong Pikinini has already embarked on a plan of its own to help re-establish school libraries and has also established 17 children's community libraries. There is a huge demand for books and literacy materials and BbP donates more than 50,000 books per annum - packed in library kits - to school libraries upon request. BbP is looking forward to a partnership to re-stock as many school and community libraries as possible.