Our new Executive Officer

Buk bilong Pikinini is proud to introduce Luke Ebbs as our new Executive Officer. Luke succeeds Joanne Grenenger, who we hope will stay with BbP in another capacity. Luke has already proven his dedication to the organisation and has so much to offer to an ever growing BbP.

Luke: "I first joined BbP as a volunteer on a 6-month assignment in 2011. After my first week with the organisation, I had already started making arrangements to stay longer. After two-and-a-half years as a volunteer, it gives me great pride and satisfaction to now be leading a passionate team of Papua New Guineans in pursuit of an ambitious and noble goal - to foster a love of reading and learning, raise children's aspirations and increase literacy rates in PNG."

BbP and World Vision sign an agreement with the Ranuguri Segani Community

Buk bilong Pikinini and World Vision has signed an agreement with the Ranuguri Segani Community to establish a library within this Port Moresby settlement. The Ranuguri Segani Community is a settlement of more than 3500 people originating from Gulf Province. Most of the school age children living in this very poor Port Moresby settlement are not enrolled at school and do not have access to any learning opportunities at all. 

Buk bilong Pikinini is in partnership with World Vision to establish 4 children’s libraries inside Port Moresby Settlements. The first library was built in 2013 and is located inside Evedahana Primary School. The second library is under construction at ATS, Oro Community. The choice of location was based on research carried out by world vision and Buk bilong Pikinini to determine the communities which would be most in need of this vital community service. Buk bilong Pikinini and World Vision expects the ATS library to open in May and Ranuguri Segani Library later this year.

Mary Amua , Project Coordinator of Buk bilong Pikinini said; “It is wonderful to see such proactive community getting the land ready to receive this library and we are very much looking forward to working with the Ranuguri Segani community to provide valuable learning opportunities.” 

Present at the signing were; Community Leader, Mr Peter Koipa, Community Chairperson, Chris Kevin, World POMCCE Project Coordinator, Ms Agnes Tal, Buk bilong Pikinini Founder Anne-Sophie Hermann, Luke Ebbs, BbP Executive Officer and Mary Amua, BbP Project Coordinator.


Hardie Grant Egmont donates fantastic books

Buk bilong Pikinini has just received a donation of amazing children's books from Hardie Grant Egmont, which publishes some of the most iconic children's stories like Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and many more. We have been fortunate to receive almost 4500 books and activity sets in our most sought after 0-6 age group for starting and lower literacy readers. Buk bilong Pikinini would like to sincerely thank the amazing people at Hardie Grant Egmont for this very generous donation!

Hillary Rogers, Publishing Director, said: "Hardie Grant Egmont is delighted to be able to help Buk bilong Pikinini with their important work. It's gratifying to think that our books might encourage kids in PNG to fall in love with reading."


 Click on the logo to visit the Hardie Grant Egmont website and see all the great books they publish! We are hoping that other publishing houses will be inspired by this!



Enrolment and new timetable at Buk bilong Pikinini libraries

2014 has started with a launch of new measures to ensure that even more of the most vulnerable children can attend literacy sessions at the libraries. As the organisation grows so does our reputation for providing high quality programmes and support for young children and the introduction of a new timetable and enrolment should allow for more children to be able to attend.

Children will enrol into one of three sessions provided every day. There will be an 'Early Birds' session from 8:00 am to 10:00 am for children of four and five years of age, the 'Reading Development' group for five and six years year olds and in the afternoons we will be providing the 'Reading Skills' session and normal library services for school children. In addition to this, there will also be a 'Story Time' session in all libraries at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoons.

Rose Niki, BbP's Early Years Development Officer said "Buk bilong Pikinini is a child focussed organisation and this new timetable will help us to keep the child at heart of everything we do".

In order to ensure that we prioritise places for vulnerable children in BbP libraries a special set of vulnerability criteria has been used in the enrolment process. Buk bilong Pikinini defines vulnerability as " A state of poverty and limited opportunity created by deprivation and exclusion. The indicators include: negligence, ignorance, violence, insecurity, extreme hunger, ill-health, physical, emotional and social abuse with obvious absence of good quality facilitative assets and agencies. The children and their carers do not have opportunities to make decisions about their lives."

We are looking forward to telling you more about how this will improve the educational opportunities for the children we serve in the next couple of months. Pictured below are many of the eager families in the process of enrolling their children.