Thank you Blue Water Living for collecting books for us!


Buk bilong Pikinini would like to thank the Blue Water Living residents in Cairns for doing a book collection for our us within their community! We hope that other communities will feel inspired to support Buk bilong Pikinini in this way.

Buk bilong Pikinini collects books from schools, churches, companies, publishers and organisations to put a large selection of children's books in each of our libraries. The children tell us that they love fairy tales like Rapuzel, Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. Books with pictures of animals, insects and plants are also greatly appreciated as are Disney and Golden books and stories about children living in other countries.

If you are thinking of doing a bit of spring cleaning or starting a book drive please note that we are particularly after books in the 0-6 age group at the moment! Go to Books from A-Z for more on this!


Buk bilong Pikinini opens 9th library


Buk bilong Pikinini opened its ninth library on 22 of August next to the large Nine Mile settlement just outside Port Moresby. The library was welcomed with open arms by the nine mile community which has many children out of school. The library is sponsored by Monier. 

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Be inspired!

"Dear Buk bilong Pikinini

I am back from Kokoda and happy to tell you that I was able to raise $800 for Buk bilong Pikinini. After visiting PNG, I must say that the concept of Buk bilong is very noble, and the organisation does some much needed work over there. Port Moresby was an eye opener. I really had no appreciation of the challenges that city, and the entire country, confront on a daily basis. 
Kokoda was an experience. One word can't really describe it, but it was exhilirating, tortuous, humbling, exhausting, poignant, challenging and most of all, very worthwhile. We walked it over seven days and it built to a crescendo of exhaustion by about day five. By then the track decsended into a groundhog day rhythm of up, down, slip over, get stuck in mud and repeat. Physically it rates as the most exhausting thing i've done. I don't know if i'll be walking it again anytime soon, but i'm glad that I did it. 
Anyway, best of luck with your work with Buk bilong. I have linked your site to my Facebook to give others the opportunity to donate. 
Best regards,
Gavin Whalebone"

Theodist becomes a Silver Sponsor

Lorg-term Buk bilong Pikinini supporter Theodist has upgraded its sponsorship level to become a Silver Sponsor. The wonderful Kevin and Shaun Pini, has since the establishment of the first BbP library been assisting us by providing a discount for furniture and printing needs, have given large donations of stationary and craft materials and has also supported many fundraising events. The new agreement will support BbP with a 50,000 Kina annual store credit, which will be a vital ingredient in the growth of the organisation. With the ongoing employment of BbP staff and volunteers, as well as the ever increasing number of libraries established across Papua New Guinea - this type of donation is most welcome and highly appreciated!