The motivation for the third BbP library at Lawes Road was the location, which is next to the Lawes Road General Health Clinic, Family Health International Centre for STD’s, Hope Worldwide, as well as the settlement of Newtown.  This meant that there were always children around looking for ways to keep occupied whilst parents were busy at the clinics and what better way to do that than to educate them through sharing the love of books! Prior to the opening of this library in July 2009 by Dame Caro Kidu and our Steamship Ltd sponsors, these community children were hanging around and completely ignored by the education system.

Scope of learning:
The Lawes road library has since the opening attracted large numbers of children each day. Shortly after opening Lawes Road, BbP put the new literacy and numeracy based syllabus in place and these children took to the programme very positively. Within a few months of opening this library, the teachers noticed a vast improvement in the children’s reading and writing capabilities.
At this library the children also greatly enjoy puzzles and games - a welcome relief from life in the settlement.

Our sponsors:
Our sponsor at the Lawes Road Library is Steamships Ltd.

Our precious children and teacher-librarians: