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The fifth Buk bilong Pikinini library was established in December 2009 in Lae, Morobe Province. This library was the first to be established outside Port Moresby and is located on Bumbu Road in Eriku.

This library is sponsored by our Platinum Founder Sponsor Steamships Ltd., which is also the sponsor of our Lawes Road and Goroka libraries and also hold a Director position on our Board of Directors.

There are hardly any books to be found in Lae so the library has been an instant success with the children. The great need for books in this area was immediately demonstrated by the reading, writing and linguistic capabilities of the children. When the library opened in 2009, most children were unable to speak English, which is used in all schools in Papua New Guinea. They were also unable to read and write, in Pidgin or English. Almost all of the children, some of whom were over ten years of age, could not write their own names. 

Today, all of the children who have attended the library regularly since its opening can not only write and read their own names, but can recognise high frequency words, read and write simple sentences, speak and understand basic English, and some are reading books without assistance. The most advanced children are writing short stories and reading books written for ages 12 and up.

Given the very low literacy levels that the Lae library continues to grapple with, these remarkable improvements make Lae one of our most successful libraries.  


The library is literally bursting with children! 



 Buk bilong Pikinini is working to gather funds to establish a second library in Lae!


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