Lawes Road

Open to the public!


The Buk bilong Pikinini library located at Lawes Road near the City Centre of Port Moresby was the third library to be established by the organisation. The library was officially opened in July 2009 by Dame Carol Kidu and our sponsors from Steamships Ltd. and was the first library to be opened to the general public. The library is located next to the Lawes Road General Health Clinic, Family Health International Centre for STDs, Hope Worldwide, as well the settlement of Newtown so there are always plenty of children around. 

The Lawes road library has since the opening attracted large numbers of children each day; most of whom were, before the establishment of the library, spending their days hanging around the settlements bored and ignored by the education system.

It was not only the high attendance rates that testified to the success of Lawes road. We also received an unprecedented level of positive feedback from parents, guardians, community leaders and the children themselves. Furthermore, within a few months of opening the library, our librarians were noticing a distinct improvement in the reading and writing abilities of those children who were attending the library daily. This improvement was largely due to the new literacy and numeracy syllabus we put in place after opening Lawes Road. 

At this library the children also greatly enjoy puzzles and games - a welcome relief from life in the settlement.



    Head Librarian reads to mesmerized children.              Talita works very hard on his pencil grip and spelling!


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