Nine Mile library

Nine mile

Nile Mile library

Buk bilong Pikinini is warmly welcomed by the Nine Mile community. The site of this library is at Rouna Quarry, a quarry that is no longer in use and has been turned into a commercial estate making it the ideal setting for a community library. 
Guests were welcomed to the official opening ceremony on 22 August 2011 to the beat of brass band drums. Many children from the Nine Mile community, who have already been attending literacy sessions at the library prior to the official opening, came dressed in their traditional attire to dance, sing and celebrate with us.

Scope of learning:
The 9 Mile community leader Mr. Combul Kuima gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the whole community. Mr. Kuima expressed his gratitude and mentioned what an important contribution this library would make to the literacy levels of the children. He stressed how it is almost impossible for them to get to school due to the long distance they have to travel to get to the nearest public school. It is reactions and feedback such as this that motivate us at BbP to continue with our pledge to uplift the most vulnerable members of the community – the children.

Our sponsors:
This is the 7th Buk bilong Pikinini library to be established in Port Moresby and is sponsored by Monier, with the amazing support of Sir Theo Constantinou.
Our precious children and teacher-librarians:


From left Mr. Brian Condon of Monier, Mrs. Margaret Adamson Australian Deputy High Commissioner to PNG, H.E. Alain Waquet Ambassador of France to PNG and Michelle Lowe Programme Manager AUSaid.

On the picture to the right is our Head Librarian, from our Six Mile library, Agnes Taiyo is giving a phonics presentation with "her" children.




Sponsored by:

Anne-Sophie is always happy to cut yet another library ribbon!