All Buk bilong Pikinini libraries have a minimum of two Teacher-Librarians as well as a guard/handyman. Our staff take great pride in the work that they do with the children and are highly regarded by the parents and the community in which the libraries are established. Our Teacher-Librarians are trained to conduct a Literacy, Numeracy and Awareness programme with a syllabus especially developed for PNG children. The programme is carried out every day in all the libraries and attract a VERY large number of children.  

Staff profiles

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Beverlynne Wangillen, Community Development Coordinator

Beverlynne graduated from University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Social Work. My background is Community Development.

This is her journey with BbP:

"I joined BbP in June 2012. In November 2012, I moved into my role as Regional Program Manager.

Two main functions of this role was to ensure the building and establishment of new libraries outside of Port Moresby ( Lae, Goroka and Manus) and facilitate the implementation of BbP's ECD programs in BbP's regional libraries. Since 2012 the regional expansion program witnessed the opening of 3 libraries, 1 each at Lae Unitech, Goroka UOG and Lorengau, Manus.

With achievements, there were also challenges. Managing 5 libraries out of Port Moresby was a major challenge. As an NGO, not everything came on a silver platter but we had to make the best of what resources we have available. Much of the ongoing operation of our regional libraries is owed to sheer staff determination, commitment and excellent community support.

Towards the end of October, I will move into my new role with BbP as Community Development Coordinator. In this role, I will manage enrolments in all libraries, ensure safety for all libraries, implement BbP's M&E framework and establish and maintain community support and involvement in BbP's programs. I am excited and look forward to achieving more for BbP. Thank you to all regional staff for your support in ensuring the continuation of the regional management program."



Elizabeth Omeri, Literacy and Cross Cutting Issues Coordinator

Elizabeth has been working for Buk bilong Pikinini since 2010. She started as an Assistant Librarian at our Lawes Road library in Port Moresby, took a break to do missionary work and started working at our Head Office in 2011. 

Elizabeth's current role covers a very ambitious variety of responsibilities and will see Buk bilong Pikinini constantly improve our Literacy, Numeracy and Awareness programme and focus on networking to put Early Childhood Development ECD on the agenda in Papua New Guinea.

At the end of each year, Elizabeth and the literacy team, decide what next year's training, literacy, numeracy and awareness programme should look like and establishes our programme. The literacy and numeracy programme has been especially developed to suit the needs and literacy levels of PNG children and our syllabus becomes more targeted every year. 2012 saw the introduction of Jolly Phonics which has been a great success with the children and has been a vital component in their ability to read independently. 2013 has seen the team introduce Building Blocks which focuses on the 4 most important aspects of literacy; decoding, comprehension,Pre-reading and Pre-writing . 

In order to improve the BbP Awareness programme Elizabeth works closely with partners, government bodies, stakeholders and invite experts for the yearly awareness program to do presentations or plan and organise programs to address these issues in BbP libraries.

Buk bilong Pikinini has a high focus on staff training and Elizabeth and the literacy team plan and organise both internal and external workshops /trainings for BbP staff to attend throughout the year. This is to increase our staffs knowledge and understanding of cross cutting issues for implementation in the libraries. Vital issues such as; Child rights, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, climate change, tuberculosis are covered.

In order to share what the children have learnt with the community and donors BbP organises Special Events promoting awareness and understanding on cross cutting issues successfully run at the libraries. Elizabeth makes sure that all the pictures from our Special Events get uploaded on to our facebook page so people can see all the different types of activities/events that take place in BbP libraries.We also invite the media representatives to attend and do stories on our events.

One aspect in which Elizabeth excels is advocacy.BbP works with partners, stakeholders, NGOS, CSOs towards the promotion of Early Childhood Development in PNG. Elizabeth advocates on ECCE to be recognised and included in the national curriculum and builds partnerships and membership of bodies/alliances working towards ECD policy implementation and improvement. Elizabeth is also the Vice Chair of PEAN (PNG Education Advocacy Network) advocating for the rights of ECD to be included in all manner of planning within the national education level.

BbP wishes to thank Elizabeth for her great contribution!

More staff profiles coming soon.