We have been working with Theodist since 2014 to ensure that all the organisations’ Library Learning Centres across PNG are well-stocked with appropriate learning materials to support the best possible learning outcomes for the children enrolled. Theodist is a Gold sponsor of BbP and has supported the growth and quality of the ECED program through an annual in-store credit of K 50,000 as well as additional assistance with events, printing, product development and Literacy Week activities and advocacy. Theodist has also set up a book shop and reading corner at their Waigani store, fully stocked with BbP’s books for sale. Through this generous support, which thus far amounts to a minimum of K350,000, Theodist has been able to assist thousands of 5-year-old children with obtaining solid learning foundations before starting school.

Early Childhood Education & Development (ECED) refers to the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development of a child from the prenatal stage up to age eight. BbP has developed a comprehensive ECED program to prepare and transition the children into school. As part of this program the children engage in a great number of craft, writing, drawing, tracing and construction activities to build both gross and fine motor skills and the ability to read and write before entering the formal school system.

The PNG Government has now adopted an Early Childhood education policy for the nation, which recognises the strong contribution early education makes to improve literacy and long-term academic success.

Theodist is looking forward to continuing to support BbP with its programs, Theodist Purchasing Manager, Shaun Pini said:
"We are very proud of our long-standing partnership with BBP and the valuable contribution they make in the lives of PNG children and their families. Like BBP, Theodist recognises the value of early childhood education and knows that an investment in PNG children is an investment in PNG‘s future.”

Leanne Resson (Executive Officer) said: “Children who are fortunate to have teachers who have access to training, quality teaching aids, meaningful books and educational materials will perform better than those who have had poorly trained and unsupported teachers. I am grateful for the long-term support we have received from Theodist to ensure our Library Learning Centres are stocked with the highest quality materials to support both teaching and learning.”

Anne-Sophie Hermann (Chair & Founder) said: “It is thanks to community-minded companies such as Theodist, that Buk bilong Pikinini has been able to grow and continue to provide a high quality of service at our Library Learning Centres across the country. We are grateful for the amazing support we have received from the friendly Theodist team, who are always happy to assist us. We know they are passionate about literacy and learning and wish to support PNG children with their education. This was also evident when they set up the book shop and reading corner, which has allowed families and schools to purchase low-priced high-quality books to support the children’s learning. We could not be more grateful for the on-going support as announced today.”