Buk bilong Pikinini is fortunate to have both a warehouse and a storage facility to house the thousands of books arriving from Australia every month.

We have had a set of 5 covered and secured containers since 2013 at the Hastings Deering Compound and were able to also obtain shared warehouse space with the Credit Corporation in 2018. In 2020, we were able to set up our own separate warehouse thanks to support from Credit Corporation and Pacific Palms Property. 

In order to properly store our donated books we received steel beams from the Brian Bell Group, wood beams from PNG Forest Products and manpower from Savcor ART to put it all together. 

Having extensive warehouse space allows But bilong Pikinini to better manage and distribute our donated books to our Library Learning Centres, school and public libraries across PNG. Once the books arrive at PNG ports thanks to support from SEAFAST Ltd., they are customs cleared and handled by Express Freight Management and delivered to our warehouse. After the books have been processed by our Inventory and Logistics team they are further distributed across PNG thanks to PNG Air.



We are grateful for the support from: